Lewis Consulting Firm

Lewis Consulting Firm specializes in the buying and selling of Industrial and Scrap metals across California Nevada Arizona and Utah state lines. Our company is an up-and-coming leader in Industrial metal recovery, the impact that recycling has on our environment is of the highest importance to us.

We have a very diverse portfolio of companies that we buy and sell too to keep the cost down across the board. In today’s economy and dealing with climate change, recycling is on the forefront for keeping materials readily available inside the U.S.A. This helps us from having to outsource raw materials from other countries. Recycling is the first link in the U.S manufacturing supply chain, supplying 40% on average across all commodities, of this country’s raw material needs. The U.S steel industry, for example, relies on a steady supply of ferrous scrap from recyclers to supply its mills, without which they could not operate as 70% of all U.S produced steel is made from ferrous scrap supplied by recyclers from across the country.

We’ve built a reputation for quality materials, fair prices, and trustworthy service with integrity during the two decades we’ve served our customers.


We offer a vast, constantly expanding inventory of metal plate and metal stock with quick, competitive shipping nationwide in addition to convenient local delivery.


We specialize in ferrous and non-ferrous metals, high-temp alloys, as well as precious metals, and we offer custom containers to fit your unique machinery.


Reclaim valuable space in your warehouse by getting rid of metal inventory, unused equipment and replacement parts, and supplies you no longer need.


If your machinists already have a backlog of work orders or you’re a small shop without those resources, we’re happy to assist in decommissioning, teardown, and removal of outdated machinery.

“Lewis Consulting Firm has never let me down with huge projects and fast turn-around with warehouse cleanup.”

— Jake, B-Tek